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I need to raise $250 asap to pay my rent this month and the utilities. If you can help and are willing to, please let me know. I am willing to write a story, or make a scarf, or a baby blanket in return for the money. Or open to reasonable suggestions to make it up to you.


Just Because

Woke up this morning at 8:00 am. This is not normal for me. I am usually not a morning person. I think that I am finally starting to get good sleep. It has been a while since I've had good restful sleep. My anxiety has been too high. Algebra tends to do that to me. Trying to juggle the money so that there is enough for everything also tends to do that too me. I cannot wait until I get the refund from my school loans so that I can start helping out financially again. That is a couple weeks away now. I am excited that I am actually going to be finished with Algebra tomorrow. Then three weeks free before the Fall craziness starts up. I plan to do some writing and perhaps just some veg time crocheting. I have a few scarves that I have to make for friends before it turns cold again. I also want to work on my crime novel "Stalking Prey" that I started in my advanced creative writing fiction class last semester. I also feel like my typing speed has decreased over the summer as I have not been doing as much of it. I want to get that back up. Other than that, Kaeli is doing well, James is awesome and life overall is great.

(This has been a stream of thoughts post, not grammatically correct)

Avon-Great Deals

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I am once again selling AVON, there are some really great sales going on right now. Please stop by my e-store and shop today! They will ship it directly to you.


Just checking in

It has been a while since I have really posted anything. I stop by from time to time to read though.

Overall, life is really good. I am taking algebra this summer at the community college and transfering it into MU. I have my fall schedule all set.

Kaeli is growing and just amazing. I can't believe that it won't be long before she turns 3. She is potty training. Today was the proud parent moment of her going poop and pee in the big potty! Yes I know TMI for some. Oh well if you know me, and have me friended, you know that I don't relly have much of a TMI line.

We found her a great new daycare. The lady has an education degree and Master's degree in early child development. Kaeli seams to be a lot happier when we drop her off and pick her up. She has a lot more structure to her day. This is leading me to have more structure to my day.

Today I did my homework for class, tonight I will review and hopefully kick some test butt tomorrow.

This is so not my subject. I think I stopped writing on here because I use fb a lot, and also, I wrote so many essays last semester that it was crazy. I am really excited about the fall semester too I have a writing intensive that is required, but it is over Vampires in literature and film! Yep, that's right, vampires! Yay!

I am also taking a science. This scares me a bit. I am not sure what to do with science. I am a writer, not a science person. d

Oh well, tis time for me to make dinner for Kaeli and I and then get her ready for bed.

Yeah, life is good. Oh yeah and the laundry won't do itself! or the vacumming.....

Textbook Help

I need a copy of College Algebra ISBN 978-0-321-67458-6

If you have one and are willing to part with it please let me know! I am taking it over the summer to get it out of the way.


(or if you wish to donate money to help me get one that would be fabulous!)



James and I really want to go to Heartland this year. I am not sure how we are going to be able to spring the money for it.

If you would like a story with your own plot line or idea within it I would be happy to write one for you for a donation to go.

I can crochet. Summer is coming and I will have more time to devote to such things. Or I would be happy to make a woodburned sign of some sort. Name a project and I will let you know if I can do it and how much.

I really would like to be able to have this time with my mate. Please let me know if you wish to donate to my cause of getting my Mate and I to Heartland.

Goal: $300
240 to get in and 60 for gas

Thank you!

Just inquire in comments or email me at butterflydezi at gmail dot com. Thanks again!

Just for Me!

So, each semester I really try to get myself a bit of something special to help with school. This semester I got two things. At the beginning, I financed a MacBook Pro through our computer store on campus so that my financial aid will pick up the tab.

Today I finally broke down and bought myself a 4 GB live scribe Pulse pen, a pack of four notebooks and a 2 pack of journals. I am so excited. It is really going to help next semester when I take a science course to be able to record the lecture as I write and be able to go to any spot in the lecture or notes with just a tap of the pen! this just has me giddy.

Yes I has a new shiny toy! It actually has practical applicable purpose in my life. This is double joy for me.

Thank the deities for student charge and financial aid! :-)

Yes I am spoiled.

School and such

This is the first semester since my return in which I have not had to drop one of my classes. I am actually carrying a perfect score in one of them. I am really excited by this!

I am looking forward to the break next week to do a few things to catch up on my reading for school and maybe knock the couple of papers that are due this semester out so that I can relax a bit.

I am also going to try to find a better way to have the house organized. I think we may need another bookshelf. We only have room for one more on the wall we have the others on.

My back pain has increased with the temperature dip we experienced and I think that when my pain levels went down after the sacriolic joint injections I started to try to push myself more physically. This might not have been the wisest thing to do.

I also have an interlumbarial epidural scheduled for next week. Yay more needles in my back! NOT :-(.

If it helps though I am all for trying it. There are a few other things that my interventional pain doc wants to try as well, but he ran through them so fast my head was spinning, must ask him to slow down when I see him again.

I am finding that my non-fiction class is giving me the most trouble this semester. It is a tough thing to actually write a piece of your life and have it dissected by others. It is so much harder than writing this blog. Hum, maybe my last piece should be blog style. I still haven't really decided on what to write it over yet.

For now, I go take my meds and try to get some sleep so that I can make it through the three classes left before break.

Creative Non-Fiction

I have a love hate relationship with this effin' class. I just wrote my second essay for it and I am now emotionally drained. Oh and next week I get the special joy of getting to let them tear it apart. I can't wait for spring break.